Grace will be one year old on July 26.

We did a family BBQ on the weekend before because of some people being out of town. The next morning before heading to the beach we thought we would do some cake smashing pics since I accidentally smashed her real cake into the ground while trying to stop a cat from escaping. And then my brother in law stepped on it when he came in 2 seconds later. Not a lot of photo prep for this obviously, but it was fun seeing her have her first bit of cake. 

Roadhouse Forever.

Part of our wedding gift. See the movie here. I’ll be getting back to pics of my cute kid now ;)

Roadhouse Forever

Sorry, this has nothing to do with Grace ;) For my friend Scott Marshall’s bachelor party, instead of doing something fun and easy like having a few beer, we (mostly me, sorry all) opted to make a memory for Scott, and let him play Swayze in his very own sequel to Roadhouse. You might want to at least watch the trailer for the original Roadhouse first if you don’t know it.


Scott Marshall - Dalton
Nicole Slipp - Doc
Keith Dickson - Chad Wesley (Brad Wesley’s son)
Scott Thomas - Emmet
Dan Culberson - Tinker
Anthony Stuart - Cody (Jeff Healey)
Neil Bonner - Wade Garrett’s Ghost

And, if you manage to make it through the movie, here are some out takes.


Grace’s first outdoor music concert happened right after Canada Day and featured talented local band Tomato/Tomato

Oh Canada.

OK, I know Canada day is past, but we had an amazing first Canada day in our little community. 

Oh Canada.

Happy first Canada day Grace.

Almost 11 months old. 

As I sit with a coffee after putting Grace down for the night, I realized it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted here. There is a good reason for that, we’ve been really busy just enjoying our increasingly adorable, increasingly intelligent, increasingly mobile (she pulled herself up on two feet for the first time today) little girl. Lots of time in the fresh air, walks, parks (we have to start enjoying summer as soon as we can here, there isn’t a lot of it) hasn’t left a lot of time for silly photos… well, of the heavily photoshopped variety anyway.

Until I get my act together, here are some not so silly, but very happy, pictures of our little family during month 10. Oh, gotta go, I think someone woke up!

Me: Is she asleep?
Kristi: Um, not exactly. ;)

She’s a problem solver. 

Watching her learn how to eat and drink on her own lately has been a treat. I know it doesn’t sound fascinating, but it is. Her other Apollo 13 appearance.