Baiting Businessmen with Burgers

I know. Not a single baby in these. Dan Culberson and I have been friends since around 2001. During those years we’ve developed a love, among many other hobbies, for staged photos. Mostly because Dan is an amazing photographer, and because I love costumes, props, and photos of myself. This shoot came out of a conversation a year or two ago around what to do on the weekend that ended with, “…what if I buy a pile of cheeseburgers and use them as bait to hunt you in the woods?”

I wanted to add a little of the history, since most photos you see on this blog will be taken by either Dan or I. I will likely self indulge once in awhile and throw up an old staged photo from the archives.  

This set could have really used a baby dressed as a hamburger in the foreground of shot 1…

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